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Quick update

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Jul 29, 2009


No, no I haven't forgotten you. The short of it is that the Tour de France trip was incredible and I had little time for net access and writing. On my return to Colorado, there were plane delays that put me back home at 2:00 am Monday morning. The upside to that is I did get to see Andy Potts at DIA and chat with him while we both waited for bikes. He got his, I did not get mine that night - or was it morning?



He looked good for racing New York that day and I can't believe his son Boston is now three years old. We chatted about his race plans for the next few years, they sound exciting and I'm certain he'll do great.



Unfortuneately, I came home to find out that our basement partially flooded from a clogged grey-water drain. Argh. Been dealing with that for a day and a half.



I promise you the start of the France trip postings later today or tomorrow. I've got good tips, stories and photos. Stay tuned. 



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