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I know there’s been a good break and several other blogs since my last France trip blog, but I promised you I’d post the final days and today’s post is Day 5, riding from Loriol-Sur-Drome to Mirabel-aux-Baronnies.


Before I launch into Day 5 ride details, I need to let you know that we have figured out that the elevation gains that I reported on Day 1 of the ride blog are incorrect. The third-party device download training journal used by Ron Kennedy (no, it’s NOT Active Trainer) incorrectly reports elevation gain. Ron went back and pulled elevations from Garmin Training Center. The GTC numbers match more closely what I reported on my Garmin device. Corrected elevation gains, feet:


Day 1: 6098

Day 2: 5984

Day 3: 7487

Day 4: 2294


The trip total is actually 33,358 ft., with that website being inaccurate to the tune of 17,167 ft. I think the numbers for the rest of the blog posts should be accurate. Now, on to Day 5…


Today’s ride required that we get in the vans first thing in the morning and drive a bit before starting to ride. The course was rolling today and the highlight for me was riding past gigantic fields of lavender. I had no idea that the lavender harvesting industry was so huge.


The smell was not overwhelming at all and I’m going to get a start of a French lavender plant for my house. My neighbor has a large lavender plant in her back yard and it is much different than the French lavender plant in a pot on her patio. More about lavender here.


The ride today was hot and somewhat windy. I didn’t take any ride photos today, I’m not really sure why. However, once we arrived at the chateau where we would be staying for two days, I did take photos there. In hindsight, I wish I would have taken significantly more photos of the places where we stayed because they were all interesting and nice.


The first shot is the back door of the chateau with Ed and Scott looking out of the window of their second floor shared room. Just below them on the first floor was the kitchen and indoor breakfast area. The outdoor breakfast area is featured in the second photo. The third photo is a small courtyard area between the back door and the outdoor breakfast area. Notice the old egg baskets and pails. 




Sandy Singiser is featured in the fourth shot, relaxing beside the pool. Over her right shoulder is the outdoor bar and dining area, complete with an open barbeque grill on the far end.


The fifth photo is looking down the long table of an “L” shaped dining arrangement. All meals began with wine and fresh bread. Additionally, all evening meals served in the chateaus were prepared from fresh foods. Eating meals prepared with completely with fresh ingredients was incredible.


Each meal ended with dessert. On this particular day, the dessert was raspberry gelato and an individual brownie made just hours before. 


The experience of staying in chateaus made the trip much better than staying in a conventional hotel.


Today’s stats: Ride distance 47.5 miles, ride time 3:24, elevation gain 4,223


Look for the next post, Day 6 – Mont Ventoux

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