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Fall Funk

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Oct 27, 2009 2:45:22 PM

It happens every year, the Fall Funk. There is a period of time after my last race of the season that I’m enjoying residual fitness and doing all kinds of fun things like long hikes and exploring new trails on the mountain bike. After riding that fitness wave for some four to eight weeks, I notice a few things start to occur simultaneously:

  • I’m not motivated to get out the door and go for a bike ride in cool weather. (The kind of “cool” that will be “warm” in just a month or so.
  • The days are noticeably shorter.
  • As much as I love snow, I don’t want summer to end and I’m crabby about the thought of how fast summer passed.
  • I’m not motivated to skip eating treats or eat small portion sizes.
  • I know I’ve got it really bad when I’ll rake an entire yard of leaves rather than ride the bike in coolish weather.
  • I walked the dog to do errands at the post office and the bank, rather than going to all that bother to get dressed for a run.
  • I can’t stand the thought of a spin class or going to the gym, I’d rather crab-out and day dream of the good old days (two months ago) when I was in prime fitness.


In short, I’m in a funk. The annual Fall Funk.


It usually lasts only a couple of weeks and thankfully I’m on the back side of it now – I think.


Snow is coming tomorrow and I actually feel motivated to go to the gym and do something – anything (spin class, weights, yoga). That’s today anyway, I hope that feeling survives until tomorrow when I need to actually follow through.


The funk will pass. It always does. I look forward to a new routine with the colder weather.


How about you, do you get Fall Funk? 

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