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I've have, and have had, my fair share of pre-race rituals and superstitions. In honor of this weekend's upcoming Ironman race, tell me about your pre-race superstitions and rituals on this community board.


To get you started, I'll let you know my current pre-race meal is French press coffee and steel cut oatmeal. I've been known to pack my French press, burr grinder and coffee beans on all kinds of trips.


One of my old, dead, pre-race meals (the word "meal" used loosely) was coffee and powdered-sugar donettes. Raced really well for a long time on this combination...then one day I didn't. The cause was obviously the donettes.


I like defizzed Coke (can't be Pepsi or any other brand because they don't work as well, it must be Coke) at some point during really long races.


I found out I should be fearful of mixing particular brands of drink products with other brands (and Coke) because there is some sort of battle in my GI system and I might explode or something similar. Unfortuneatly I found this out after I had been doing the mixing routine for quite some time. I continue to  ignore the manufacturer's warning. So far, so good.


How about you?

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