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My brother-in-law, Farron, is in town visiting for a few days and he requested a trip to Estes Park. He wanted to have breakfast in the mountain town and take a chance on seeing some wildlife. Below is Farron at the overlook spot just before dropping into Estes. Today it was rather cold and windy in the mountains. (Note the snow blowing across the road.)



After enjoying breakfast at the Notchtop Café, we drove north of the city and spotted five bull elk. They were about 100 yards off the road, in someone’s back yard. The fellow laying on the ground looking at me is a beautiful six-point.



When we drove further up the road to turn around, luck was on our side and we spotted a couple of wild turkeys.



Before heading back down the mountain, I needed to collect some elk droppings for this year’s trophy assembly. Though I only needed enough specimens to make 15 awards, it seems I couldn’t decide on which ones to take…so I gathered half a bag of them.  Then, with more material than I needed, I found the best poo pile of the day. I couldn’t pass it up.



With my keen eye for collecting fine specimens, more than one person has suggested that I turn it into a business. I wonder if there is good market demand for elk poo knickknacks?

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