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Try it for just one day

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Dec 14, 2009

As we close 2009 and get ready for 2010, I’d like to help you with the transition. In the final 17 days of 2009, each day I’ll suggest you try something out for just one day. This will only last 17 days. My suggestions will include fitness, mental skills, nutritional tips and making a difference for others to name a few. The concept is you try the suggestion out for just one day and don’t lay expectations on yourself to keep up. If you like the change, feel free to keep it going.


Some of you will find you are already doing the suggestion. Perfect.


You may find some of the suggested tasks are much more difficult to do than others. Yes.


The goal is change, re-framing thoughts/actions and improvement for just one day. You can do it on your own or recruit others. I don’t care if you define “day” as 24 hours, the time you spend at work, or from 7:00am to 7:00pm. Your “day” can be from the time you read one suggestion to the time you read the next one. You may find you want to change the days you try out the suggestions. (For example, do the Tuesday suggestion on Wednesday.) Do what works for you.


I know you’re busy so a challenge for me is to keep the suggestions short and mostly doable with short notice. I will send the greatest majority of them out on Twitter, forcing me to keep the text to 140 characters and spaces. For any suggestions that need a bit more explanation or preparation time, I’ll post them here on my blog.


My Twitter address is . If you don’t have, and don’t want, a Twitter account you’ll still see some of the suggestions here on the blog. I may end up posting a weekly summary list here, I’ll see how it goes. I’m just going to try it out and go from there.


The first suggestion comes tomorrow. I hope you try it for just one day.



See this update posted December 22

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The Channel 9 News station in Denver (NBC) has a fun science segment hosted by Steve Spangler. He and his kids did an experiment to see if that Seinfeld episode was fact or fiction. The episode is where the character of George dips his chip, takes a bite and then dips the bitten chip again. Another character "Timmy" claims that double-dipping a chip is just like putting your whole mouth into the dip. Ewwww!!


First, here is the Seinfeld episode:




Then the science. From Channel 9 News Steve Spangler shows us proof  that double-dipping is not good.

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