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Ask me to ride my bike 100 miles, I’m not worried. (Though I would be very slow right now.) Ask me to travel a marathon on foot tomorrow; I know I could do it. (It would require  A LOT of walking). Ask me to do the Brute Squad challenge, I’ll do it. (Did it Saturday, it wasn’t pretty.)


I had fun dreaming up the “Just One Day” challenge closing out 2009. People are finding it fun, encouraging, challenging and I’m told it is helping nudge some positive changes. Feedback is that people enjoy the mix of physical, mental and nutritional tips.


Cool! That’s just what I wanted. And, I wanted to help you get though this (sometimes) tough holiday season.


I’ve now had several requests to keep the “Just One Day” challenge going into 2010. Uh oh... What does that mean? People weren't specific. One month? A year? What if I can’t be creative and think of something to post 365 days? I didn’t plan to keep this going beyond 17 days. What if I’ve used all my best stuff already?


Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m scared. I don’t know if I can deliver good stuff, daily, for a year. I won’t settle with content I don’t consider to be top-shelf, so…argh!


There, I’ve told you. Fear. (false expectations appearing real)


Those of you thinking about standing on the start line of your first endurance event in 2010, I know how you feel. (Actually, it’s more that I remember what it feels like again.)


After mulling this around, I’ve decided to accept the challenge…conditionally. Everyone can see the counter on my Twitter account. If the “follower” count goes to 1000 by December 31, I’ll commit to doing this through January 31, 2010. If the follower counter reaches 5000 by January 31, I’ll commit do doing the challenge to the end of the year, 2010.


Yes, that’s right, 365 “Just One Day” tweets to YE 2010. The quality test comes in keeping 5000+ people interested in the challenge. That scares me, but I’m willing to give it a shot.


I haven’t figured out all the logistics yet, but for now content requiring more than 140 words will live on my blog (RSS Feed) or Facebook page. I’ll post summary lists occasionally.


Are you on board? Know other people that want to give it a try – even if it’s for “just one day”? Subscribe to

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