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I’ve been carrying my camera in my car and on my runs for weeks now, trying to get a photo of some geese a local park. Not just any geese, but a specific family of white, Embeden geese. I wish I would have had the foresight to take several photos over the last several months, but I didn’t.


Last summer on one of my normal running routes, I noticed a pair of white geese that had about a dozen goslings in tow…and a mallard duck. I didn’t think too much of it.


Each week that I ran through the park, I noticed this family of geese and that one mallard duck. The two adult geese would be leading the swim across the pond with their flock in tow. I thought it was curious that the duck acted like an adopted child. I never witnessed any effort from the geese to get the duck out of the group. He was treated just like one of the other goslings.


As the fluffy yellow goslings grew into large white geese, the mallard remained with the family. It seems no one noticed, or cared, that his head was green. Not only was his head green, he looked completely different than the rest of the family. Not one of the geese ever exhibited aggressive behavior toward the duck. It seems that he is one of them.


I’m not sure how he is treated by other ducks, since I haven’t hung around the park long enough to watch an entire day in the life of the water fowl.


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed the white goose family (mallard included) all grouped together and eating grass. I thought, “Wow, that’s pretty cool. Those geese don’t seem to care that the duck looks completely different than the rest of them. He’s just one of the family.”


Today when I visited the park, I saw the white geese parading across the frozen pond with the mallard near the front of the line. Seems they picked up a Farm goose as well.


As you head into the New Year, I hope you enjoy the company of friends and family that don’t mind if your head is green and you’re different than the rest of the group.


All the best to you in 2010 ~




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