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Andy Potts has a reputation for smashing the competition right out of the gate. If his swim isn't the fastest, it is among the top few. I asked Andy to tell me about his favorite swim workouts for Olympic distance racing and Ironman racing. Here's what he said:


There is really not a lot I do differently to prepare for an Olympic distance swim and an Ironman swim.  I am always looking to push hard from the time the gun goes off and use my swimming strength to create early separation from the field.  With that said, one main set that gets me ready is:



Decent mixed warm-up



3 x 500 at a steady pace



3 x 400 descending 1-3


He said with the warm-up and some fluff on the end, the workout totals 5000 y/m. I'll find out what his pace is for these sets when he gets back from racing Wildflower this weekend.



The start list for the event currently includes 57 men of high quality Olympic and Ironman pedigrees.



I'm betting Andy is first out of the water. Your bet?






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