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I’ve decided, again, to learn how to skate ski. I used to downhill ski quite a bit; but the more I became interested in endurance sports, the less I was interested in downhill skiing. My first, smug, entrance into skate skiing was a little over 10 years ago. I had all of this experience downhill skiing, how hard could it be to skate ski?


I went to Eldora ski area, rented a pair of skate skis and set about flogging myself. After about 2 hours of what must have looked like a major commotion moving along ever so slowly on skis, an instructor came along and gave me a couple of tips. Wow! Much easier! Go figure, knowing what to do really helps in a technique-intensive sport.


I didn’t skate ski again for about five years. A friend of mine, Cathy, was interested in learning the sport so I told her we had to take lessons. Another friend, Mari, was doing a women’s weekend in Winter Park, so Cathy and I went and took skate ski lessons while everyone else downhill skied. It was a glorious, sunny day with great snow conditions at Devil’s Thumb Resort. With instruction, the day was much more fun and we vowed to ski again that season. It didn’t happen.


A few years passed and a group of friends were heading up to Devil’s Thumb and wanted to know if I was interested in going. Sure! The guys I went with were great skiers and once again, it was a self-flogging on the snow. Funny how one lesson and no further practice for three or more years didn’t allow me to pick up where I left off and just ski.


More years pass.


Last year, Mari again hosted a women’s weekend in Winter Park and the two of us decided to skate ski the first day. Learning from my past mistakes, we did take a lesson and had a great day of skiing. What great fun!


But...because the weekend was in March, my interest in skiing disappeared immediately upon returning to the Front Range.


Note to self: Must skate ski much earlier in the year. How’s January?


Determined to break my pattern of one skate ski per winter season, followed by years of no skiing, I decided I needed to ski earlier this year. But to break my old pattern, I needed a plan – a diabolical plan.


I will recruit other people to join me. I’ll convince as many takers as possible. If I recruit a pile of people to learn to skate ski, then when my Sunday group ride is not possible due to snow we can do a Sunday ski. Also, I’ll have more people interested in skiing and the group of us can keep each other motivated, carpool, minimize time spent indoors on trainers, etc. Yes, that’s how I’ll do it…


I floated the idea of a skate ski lesson a couple of weeks ago and managed to get one taker, plus several “interested, but can’t go this time” responses. Excellent.

Todd Singiser has no idea that he’s part of this master diabolical plan because:

  1. I didn’t tell him.
  2. He doesn’t subscribe to the blog because he figures anything he needs to know, I’ll tell him. Perfect.


Todd and I took a lesson at Eldora a week ago and we’ve already managed to ski again. Twice in one season is a PR for me. (Those experiences deserve their own blog. Succinctly described as OMG: hard, funny, sore muscles, need balance, this could really sky-rocket fitness, I’m spastic, I seemingly have no fitness (how can that be?), others make it look so easy, need to go again…)


I know there are at least six other skate skiers on my Sunday ride list, so there is a core group of people that ski. I will try to recruit a few others to take a lesson.


Need to ski again soon.


Plotting, plotting, plotting…

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