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For all those doing the 12-week JOD process, I received a good question and thought it was worth posting the Q&A:


Q. Gale, I have written my resolutions, and have begun writing my perfect day. I am still a little confused to the over outline of the project. I guess I am a little type A and am looking for a little more information as to where the journal is going. Also, about the tweets - serving of steamed vegetables, a handful of nuts, do aerobic exercise 20-30 min, do one thing for career knowledge, etc. Are we supposed to be writing these down in the journal as completed or not completed?

Just want to make sure that I am following what you intend the journal to be. Thanks, L.


A. Great question. The short of it is that journaling helps people clarify what they want. I believe it is the simple act of writing things down that has the most power. Once you are aware of what you want, it is easier to sort out opportunities. Not only new opportunities that come your way to help you move toward something you want - but - the clarity to say "no thank you" to opportunities that waste your time and energy.

At some point you can set the journal aside and review it only occasionally. Or, you can write in the journal on a regular basis - clarifying goals and accomplishments.

For the daily tweets - I try to make them a mix of all the items I think it takes to live a healthy and productive lifestyle. The JOD posts are only the tip of the iceberg - but because the iceberg is overwhelming, just one small step or doing something for just one day moves people in the right direction.

In addition to the description in the previous paragraph, I believe that if we think of things differently or do something we don't normally do - that it triggers our brains to open up to new possibilities. Perhaps there is a different way to solve a problem that is ailing us? Maybe we were so focused on doing things one way, we ignored another, better choice.


You could easily assign yourself these tweet-tasks, but people seldom do. Also, I believe there is power in belonging to a group where everyone is attempting to do the same thing – make positive change.

I know it might sound hoaky, but I think it is worth giving the journaling process a shot. And for what it's worth - I'm definitely classified as type-A-analytical person. So this process isn't as cut-and-dried scientific as my BS degree prefers, but I know it works.

Hope this helps.



For today’s JOD task, write down one thing you will do tomorrow to move you closer to one of your goals. Write down one more thing you will do before the end of the week.


For the journal itself, we are finished with the major tasks. I like to keep two journals, the “annual review” journal that we’ve just worked on and a journal that I write in some 1-3 times per week. Others prefer to do the annual review journaling in the same book as all daily journal comments for the year. It’s up to you what you think works best.


Sneak peek: By the end of week three, some of you will be seeing progress toward your goals. Others, it will take up to six weeks – but you should see progress. We’ll start sharing some successes in about a week.

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