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For those following the JOD process, you are now through three weeks. For the people that decided to do the journaling, you should be seeing results by now. If you haven’t seen some results or leads, you should see them within the next week.


What do results, leads look like? They are new things that have crossed your opportunity path that did not exist before you began the journaling process. These things are directly related to one or more items on your “Dreams to Reality, My Goals” list. It might be a new acquaintance that can help you, a new opportunity, a new connection or result that gets you closer to one or more of your goals.


If you have seen results, please let me know. I realize that some of these things are very personal, so if you don’t want to be specific, just write something like “two new things have crossed my path, bringing me closer to my goals” or something similar. For those of you that are willing to be more specific, let us know your dream goal and what thing(s) has happened in the last three weeks to bring you just one (or more) step closer to your goal(s).


You can share here on my Active blog (which would be nice for non-Facebook participants) or you can share on Facebook too.


Is the process working for you?

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