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Today I happened to read in the ITU newsletter that the first ever ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships has been scheduled on 30th April 2011 in Extremadura, Spain.


What is Cross Triathlon?


From the ITU Competition Rules download document:



18.1. General:

a.) Cross Triathlon consists of swimming, mountain biking (MTB) and cross country


b.) Cross Duathlon consists of cross country running, mountain biking (MTB) and cross

country running.


When I did my research for the three-part column outlining a brief triathlon history and how the sport made it into the Olympic Games, I found out that one of the check-list items critical to becoming an Olympic sport is conducting a World Championship event. Within this requirement is the requirement for qualification events so that athletes from individual countries can qualify for the World Championship event. As you know, space on the Olympic start line is limited and any single country cannot send an unlimited number of athletes.


As more information on this new racing series unfolds, I’ll keep you posted.

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