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Crash training block

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Apr 16, 2010

I’ve lamented in some recent posts (within the last month) that my fitness stinks compared to past years at this same time. I’ve been working on that issue, including today's first long day in the saddle on the mountain bike. I was able to recruit Bill Beyers and Ted Mioduski to ride 4:00. Our ride time was right at 4, with “out” time at 5:15.


Today's ride is part of a crash training block of three days. Though I've written about crash training weeks in past posts, I've not written about blocks of three or four days - I'll write  more about strategy in the upcoming week.


The goal is to get 3-4 hours on the mountain bike tomorrow and then about 4 hours on the road on Sunday. Three rides, three days in a row can do a lot to bump fitness up.



Day #1 – check.

3104 ft. of climbing

29 miles

107 ft/mi   hill climbing ranking

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