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May Snow in Colorado 

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on May 13, 2010 4:14:10 PM

Spring weather in Colorado can mean snow or it can be 80 degrees – and I’m not talking about what is considered "the mountains" of Colorado. The northern front range elevation is around 5,000 feet, similar to our mile-high capital Denver.


One thing that can be interesting is “snow placement”. Let me show you…




My running buddy, Meeka, is looking south from the Horsetooth Mountain Park service road. You can see the green valley below has no snow. The storm dusted peaks on either side of this valley, but the valley remained snow-free. The valley is likely around 5,100 to 5,200 feet in elevation. I suspect we’re standing at a spot that is about 5,500 feet. (I could tell you if I was on the bike with my altimeter.) The snow here was around four inches deep.


As we climbed higher, the snow was heavy on the trees and some 8 to 12 inches deep. Because the sun was out and doing significant melting damage, running under the trees was like being in a giant snowball fight where you are the only target. It wasn’t a matter of if I would be hit, but how many times and how big would the drop be?



And the parting words are…”Why do you run so slow? I always have to wait for you.”


Meeka May10 Rock.jpg

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