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Continuing the story on the week-long bike tour, as I mentioned yesterday. Today’s route was officially from Creed to Alamosa. We rode from our cabin about eight miles outside of Creed to Alamosa. It was a chilly and stiff start. Our bodies had residual pains from the long, hard day yesterday.


The morning lyrics that popped into my head…

And that's Uncle Joe, he's a movin' kind of slow
At the junction, Petticoat Junction

Theme song from classic TV show Petticoat Junction


With a slow start, the day ended up being flying fast. The weather gods were mostly good mannered, giving us tailwinds for at least half of the day. There were only three of us riding together today, as the group got split up by our accommodations outside of Creed. The stats for the day (at the end of the column) were sweet.


One of the best parts of doing bike tours is you get to see sights that you don’t see on your normal riding routes. In fact, you see things you’ve never seen before. Below are a couple of shots of horse-drawn hay cutting operations. It was really fun to see it.



Stats for the day (all from my 705 Edge Garmin, as some have asked what system I used):


Ride time 3:26, “Out” time 4:05, 72.1 miles, 602 ft. of ascending, 21.0 mph average speed


When we reached the official stopping point for the day, we noticed the 21mph average – woo-hooooo – we were haulin’ the mail today!

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