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For those of you that are following along on the Just One Day series, by now you have a big list of items that you want. For the next assignment you will need a bit more time working with your journal. Some of you will get all of the items described in the blog completed in one, 30-minute session. Others will need a few sessions spread throughout the week. Do what works for you.


Going ahead a few pages, perhaps page 7, at the top of the page write, “My Perfect Day”. Then just write a description of how your day would unfold if it was absolutely perfect. (Again, don’t judge and don’t worry that this description may not currently be reality. Let your mind wander and just write.) Every day of your future life may not look like this one, but if you could describe the perfect day it would look like this…


The next step in the journal process is to estimate how long it might take for you to accomplish each item on your list. If you are currently doing the item, but want to keep doing it forever, there is symbol for that. In the left margin of your list, assign one of the following timeframes to each item:



Pick four items from your list, one from each of the categories listed above. Go forward in your journal to at least page 9. Write each item you selected again and then after the item, write why you want it.  This is an important step to turning pipe dreams into reality. Why do you want it?


Finally, go forward in your journal a couple of pages again. Write down just one thing that you can do in the next 24 hours that will take you closer to your goal. Any goal.

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