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Currently Being Moderated

In order to cover all of your endurance and general health nutrition bases, may I suggest the following rotation:


Monday: Kenyan Diet (small amounts of roasted meat, cooked greens, fruit, milk and, always, ugali, a thick, polenta-style cornmeal porridge. Made from water and maize (corn), which is traditionally ground by hand into flour, ugali serves as the national dish of East Africa)


Tuesday: Paleo Diet (avoid all grains and dairy products, focus on meats, fruits and vegetables)


Wednesday: Tarahumara Indian Diet (mainstay of the diet is corn and chia seeds are used as endurance fuel for long-distance hunting – “running their prey to exhaustion”)


Thursday: Sherpa Diet (a typical dinner includes stew (shakpa) made of balls of dough, potatoes and vegetables - of course tea goes with all meals (tea is served with salt and butter))


Friday: Gluten-free Diet (part of wheat, rye, barley and related grains, gluten is eliminated by people with celiac disease – some believe gluten should be eliminated by everyone)


Saturday: Vegan Diet (consume no foods made of animal products of any kind – this includes butter, eggs, milk and of course flesh)


Sunday: Atkins Diet (a multi-phase diet designed for health, weight loss and promoting “fat burning” – phase one is very low carbohydrate)


If you think a daily rotation is too much for your system to handle, you could rotate monthly instead.


Making it this far in the blog, you may be thinking that I’ve written with tongue-in-cheek. You’re right.


I know it is very frustrating for people to know which plan is the “best” diet plan and the list above barely scratches the surface of available diet plans. Because we all have different genetic fingerprints, lifestyles, personal preferences, activity levels and athletic goals – there is no single diet and nutrition plan that is best for 100 percent of the population.


You need to do what’s best for YOU. Enjoy yourself, you only have one shot at this – and I mean that literally. You diet and nutrition plan should not be punishment, rather an enjoyable part of a healthy, active and happy life.

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