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I wrote a column for Active Cyclist, 20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Cyclists, that is sure to help you find gifts for the cyclists in your life.


If 20 ideas aren’t enough, I’ll include additional ideas that didn’t make it into the column in my blog in the next few weeks.


Here are more ideas from Ed Shaw (and by the way, I liked the "wise comments"):



Right down my ally!  Almost like Retail Therapy for others………anyway, don’t pay any attention to the wise comments, but maybe the items will be of use for your article.


Here are a few ideas and comments:


If you are buying cycling items for your cycling hero/heroine, some care and caution is advised.  Some, that is, most, cycling things or stuff can be very specific for the cyclist, whether for reasons of preference, size, and compatibility with things or stuff already being used or ridden, color, brand, grade or fit.  That kind of lets out bicycles, components, clothing or a lot of accessories, unless you know cycling and your cyclist very well.  Some gifts that might not require intimate knowledge of the cyclist’s wants or needs may include something like:

                Carbon fiber bottle cages:  Please, only in pairs, as one carbon and one heavy steel cage is not cool.  These sell for $50 plus or minus EACH.  They may be something the cyclist wouldn’t splurge on for themselves, but might be happy to receive as a gift.  They are light, functional, and really cool if they don’t have them already.

                A good work stand:  Ultimate, Parks, Feedback, or other quality brand.  Portable is nice so they can take it on trips, to races, or somebody else’s house to work on or clean up bicycles.  A real backache saver, as working or cleaning a bike properly takes a lot of bending without a stand.  Prices run from $150 to over $200 and they are available at almost all bike shops.

                New Bar Tape:  A low cost item that a cyclist might not purchase until the old tape falls off, or other major bar work is done.  You can check on what type and color is on the bike, the more used-up the more likely that is the kind the cyclist likes – they are trying to “hold on” to it!  At around $12 per set, you can buy two or more colors and help them choose which is the coolest for their ride.

                Tires:  Really good tires are expensive and often ridden into the ground (that is, way too thin, way worn out, etc.) before putting on the new shoes.  This is an item that also must be given in pairs. (Maybe new tubes are in order so the cyclist can mount them Christmas morning before the Christmas Day ride.  Tubes may be an appropriate stocking stuffer.)  Matching what is on the bike is a good bet, even better would be a casual inquiry as to what tires are the best, over a drink a few weeks before the big day.   Good training/racing tires (assuming “clincher” and not tubular tires are being used, if tubulars are ridden it might be best to pursue other items) can be bought for $30 to $70 each.

                Cycling books:  They come in various kinds, Training Books, such as (Training Plans for Cyclists – Gale Bernhardt – Velopress - $21.95; Wellness Books (Medical Guide for Cyclists – Andy Pruitt available from Excel Sports at $18.95); Books about a cyclist’s favorite bicycle racer, stage race, local cycling routes, or calendars or coffee table photo books from the likes of Graham Watson.  Lots of variety in these items and the better you know the cyclist the more likely you are to hit their favorite subject for a book or photos.

                My favorite.  Winter is here and like it or not, quantities of time will be spent on the stationary trainer soon and often, before and, for certain, after Christmas.  Long-hour DVD’s of stage races, classic one day races, or specific training (time trialing, hill climbing, road racing, intervals, spinning, et al).  Example, my usual gift from my favorite person on earth, is the 11 hour, 6 disc DVD of the latest Tour de France, available from World Cycling Productions for $79.95, as well as some local bike shops off and on.  Put the DVD on, get on the trainer, and try to keep up with the pros, “Come on guys, hurry up and get to the summit so I can sit down for a few minutes!”

                Last and inexpensive but not least:  THE TRIPLETS OF BELLVILLE (DVD)  A wildly and highly original animated story about a Tour de France cyclist trained by his grandmother…. It’s really fun, and will be replayed time and time again, maybe every Christmas from here on out!  One is available from DVD EMPIRE on line at $10.83 on sale from $14.94……….Well it WAS available, but I just ordered it!

Merry Cycling Christmas

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