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In Colorado, if you’re a cyclist and you want to stay fit through the winter, you have to be prepared do to a lot of hours on a trainer, in a spin class, geared-up for cold outdoor riding or some combination of all of these.


Left to right: Bil Danielson (hamming it up with the dog), Laelia (fur-person), Carl Ciacci, Bruce Runnels, Scott Ellis (dressed like it is spring), Ron Kennedy, Ed Shaw, Greg (last name?), Jerry Nichols, Teddy Martinez - not in the the photo are Martin and Gale


This morning there ended up being eleven people and one fur-person that rolled out of my drive way for a group ride. Other than Laelia (sp?) this isn’t an unusual event for a Sunday morning. It was the temperature that was unusual.


In my backyard, the thermometer read 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrr…


We did manage to get in a metric century before the weather front (which will bring snow and colder temperatures) started moving in. Timing is everything.



Safely tucked in a messenger bag, Laelia enjoys the group ride. It was her second ride with this group.


During the ride and over the last couple of weeks I’ve had questions from athletes that I will discuss in upcoming blogs. A sampling of the questions is below.


I read a blog that said…

  • Weight training does nothing to make cyclists faster. No cyclist should weight train.
  • All intensity should be eliminated from “base” season riding.
  • Stay on the flats and eliminate all hills during “base” season riding.
  • Ironman athletes with late season  2011 races should eliminate all swimming for the next five to six months.
  • Eliminate long aerobic rides during “base” season and make every ride short with high intensity.



Have you read or heard any of these items? Do you think the claims are fad, fact or fiction?

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