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Q. Hey Gale, I’m looking at your training plans and additional documents on that page. On the “training intensities document”, I’m looking at heart rate training zones. I’m wondering what will happen to me if I push myself beyond maximum? Is that possible? I want to ride really, really fast sometimes. What will happen to me if I exceed the maximum zone? CS


Hello CS ~ It isn’t possible for you to go beyond your maximum heart rate. Max is max. The only time people achieve a true maximum heart rate is in a highly competitive situation (such as a race), running from someone in a serious chase or maybe if you’re on a treadmill in a testing situation with someone in a lab-coat yelling at you.


If you want to ride hair-on-fire fast, don’t worry about exceeding your maximum heart rate.


A reasonable question is, why not just go as fast as possible all the time?


Injury risk is the short answer.


Too much speed too often can lead to overuse injuries. You need to balance going fast with recovery in order to improve.

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