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A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the Denver area investment broker, Martin Erzinger, that hit a cyclist, Steven Milo, near Vail and fled the scene.


The case goes to court this afternoon at 2:00 pm, where apparently Mr. Erzinger is going to tell the court that the smell of his brand new Mercedes caused him to black out.


Interesting theory.


The Vail Daily reported the story on Monday, citing that an accident reconstructionist says the new-car smell “may” have contributed to the accident. I can’t wait to hear what Mercedes has to say about their new cars causing people to pass out.


Assuming for a moment that those nasty Mercedes fumes did cause Mr. Erzinger to lose consciousness, I’m wondering about the ability of the fumes to cause him to not notice that he hit something and then drive several more miles before snapping to consciousness? Those are some serious fumes.


A new Mercedes is, therefore, dangerous.Mmmmmm...


The VeloNews Explainer column gives more details about the case, including information about felony charges. Recall that the District Attorney dropped the felony charges due to the “serious job implications” for Mr. Erzinger. The D.A. said he wanted Mr. Erzinger to have the ability to pay restitution. (If you manage more than a billion dollars in assets, you likely draw a decent salary. At this profile level, your clients need a minimum buy-in of $5 million.)


One drawback to the D.A.’s theory is that the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority requires that people working in this industry report when they have been “charged with any felony” – you don’t need to be found guilty of a felony. (Erzinger was apparently charged with a felony crime on August 2, 2010.)


It will be an interesting day in court.

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