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Wasn't sure if I should have put this on the Active blog, since it could be something others might ask.

How do you approach back-to-back big events. I am signed up for IM St George May 2011...and CDA end of June 2011. It's a bit much I know, but for various reasons, it's the only time I can do these races. What advice would you give on how to approach big events 2 months apart. I did CDA June 2010..felt great. I qualified for Boston just a week ago. I will take Dec off for anything structured.

I know a lot of people that think about back to back events...sort of riding the fitness wave instead of ramping back up again. Do you prepare well for the 2st event...recover 2-3 wks, then have a few solid weekend and race again?






Hey SA ~


It is a good question, one I'll post on Active.

Prepping for back-to-back IM events is tough - especially with only six weeks between the two events. It typically takes people some three to four weeks to fully recover from an Ironman event. By the time you recover, it's time to taper and race again.

What I did with a fellow this year, in the same situation (different races) was to aggressively recover for two weeks (really cut volume, keep some intensity, but keep the intensity bouts shorter with plenty of rest). In the second two weeks, build some volume, combined with intensity that is slightly faster than race pace. (Volume build for two weeks is less than your maximum weeks for the first event. Make it some 50-80% of your biggest weeks for the first event.) Then a two-week taper similar to the first event.

Most people try to do too much too early and end up feeling really tired for the second event. Additionally most normal (non-elite) racers have a lot of life responsibilities that pile up, making the second event more stressful. As long as you know this upfront, you can have a heads-up and perhaps do things to minimize the stress and do a good job of recovery.

Best wishes with the races, let me know how it goes.


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