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Vancouver, Canada (28 February 2010) - Les McDonald, founding president of International Triathlon Union,  was honoured with an Olympic Order on the final day of the 122nd IOC  Session held during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in ITU's hometown of  Vancouver. The Olympic Order is the highest award presented by the IOC  and is given to individuals who demonstrate distinguished contributions  to the Olympic Movement.


McDonald, who served as President of  the ITU from its inception in 1989 until 2008, is largely credited with  the inclusion of triathlon in the Olympic Programme, which made its  debut at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.


"Receiving Olympic  Order is a tremendous honour and I would like to thank all of those who  gave their support," McDonald said. "With this, and the election of ITU  President Marisol Casado to the IOC, it has been a historical past few  weeks for the sport."


ITU President Casado, who was elected as an  IOC member in Vancouver on February 12, was on hand at the Session to  congratulate her predecessor.


"On behalf of the ITU and the  entire triathlon community I would like to congratulate Les for this  honour. His tireless work ethic was vital in growing the sport of  triathlon and on its inclusion in the Olympic Programme," Casado said.  "We look forward to carrying this momentum through 2010 and beyond as we  push for triathlon's continued growth, particularly among youth."



The press release was issued by the ITU.


For more on the inclusion of triathlon into the Olympic program, see this three-part story.

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One of the most uplifting human interest stories I’ve seen during the Olympic Games coverage was the piece on the Gander International Airport that ran on February 27th, done by NBC’s Tom Brokaw.


The Gander airport (as well as my others in Newfoundland and mainland Canada) played critical roles during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. When the U.S.A. closed its airspace, transatlantic flights had to be rerouted. Some were turned back to their origination airport; but others were too far westbound to turn back.


I believe Brokaw said that the population of Gander was 10,000 people and the town had two law enforcement officers. The town did an astounding job of opening their resources, homes and hearts to over 6,000 travelers (I think Brokaw said 6,600?) unable to make it to their U.S.A. destinations. Imagine a volume of people that equals about 65% of your total city population, appearing unexpectedly on your doorstep one day. Could your city handle the job?


I’ve searched the NBC site to see if they plan to post or rerun the story. I haven’t found anything yet. When I do, I’ll let you know.


It is well worth watching high-quality, good people in action.

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Sunday marks the half-way point for the JOD process. I’m trying to gauge if this process is working for people. Does it have value?


The only way for me to know what is working, what adds value and what does not – is for you to give me feedback. It is important for me to know where to put my time and focus my energy.


Please post feedback here to let me know what part, if any, of the JOD process helps you or what you like about it.

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Today I happened to read in the ITU newsletter that the first ever ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships has been scheduled on 30th April 2011 in Extremadura, Spain.


What is Cross Triathlon?


From the ITU Competition Rules download document:



18.1. General:

a.) Cross Triathlon consists of swimming, mountain biking (MTB) and cross country


b.) Cross Duathlon consists of cross country running, mountain biking (MTB) and cross

country running.


When I did my research for the three-part column outlining a brief triathlon history and how the sport made it into the Olympic Games, I found out that one of the check-list items critical to becoming an Olympic sport is conducting a World Championship event. Within this requirement is the requirement for qualification events so that athletes from individual countries can qualify for the World Championship event. As you know, space on the Olympic start line is limited and any single country cannot send an unlimited number of athletes.


As more information on this new racing series unfolds, I’ll keep you posted.

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Several weeks ago, I told you that bald eagles migrate to a lake near my house each winter. They show up when the lake freezes and shop for geeze that hang around the open water. (I'm always happy for goose-patrol, control.) Most years the lake has several open water spots; but, this year the only open water is near the bubblers that people run near their docks. I went for a run this afternoon in the fast-approaching snow storm and spotted this eagle in the neighbor's tree. I managed to snap a shot before it took off. I never get tired of seeing magificant wildlife, nor do I take it for granted.


Absolutely magestic creature ~



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This weekend is big. BIG, I tell you.


Friday February 12 is the Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The Games, of course, are in Vancouver British Columbia. Here are a few resource links:

Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniform

NBC television schedule, by zip code at the top of the page


My first Olympic love was the Winter Games. I can hardly wait for the action to begin. As you might expect, several of the athletes on the US Olympic Team are from Colorado. It never hurts to root for the home-state gang.


I did see on the news this morning that Lindsey Vonn (said to be the Michel Phelps of the Winter Games) has an injured shin. May this highly-talented skier heal quickly.


In addition to the Olympic Games, this weekend is the ITU Winter Triathlon World Championships in Norway . Recall I’ve told you in past postings that the ITU is looking to get the sport of winter triathlon into the Olympic Games. Information on Worlds is found on both the ITU website and the official World Championship website.


Let the Games begin!

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For those following the JOD process, you are now through three weeks. For the people that decided to do the journaling, you should be seeing results by now. If you haven’t seen some results or leads, you should see them within the next week.


What do results, leads look like? They are new things that have crossed your opportunity path that did not exist before you began the journaling process. These things are directly related to one or more items on your “Dreams to Reality, My Goals” list. It might be a new acquaintance that can help you, a new opportunity, a new connection or result that gets you closer to one or more of your goals.


If you have seen results, please let me know. I realize that some of these things are very personal, so if you don’t want to be specific, just write something like “two new things have crossed my path, bringing me closer to my goals” or something similar. For those of you that are willing to be more specific, let us know your dream goal and what thing(s) has happened in the last three weeks to bring you just one (or more) step closer to your goal(s).


You can share here on my Active blog (which would be nice for non-Facebook participants) or you can share on Facebook too.


Is the process working for you?

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Last week I was doing some stationary cycling before lifting weights. Next to me were two people chatting away while riding stationary bikes. It’s great that they are using the buddy system to stay fit; but, I couldn’t help but notice there was a lot more chatting than sweating.


They finished their 30-minute ride and when they got off the bikes, they planned to treat themselves to a café mocha and a scone. The indication was that they burned enough calories pedaling the bikes to be a fair trade-off for a scone and mocha.


I don’t know where they planned to dine, but taking the calorie content from the Starbuck’s site, I found a Café Mocha (grande, with whip) to have 360 calories. A blueberry scone has 460 calories. Their treat total is 820 calories.


Let's compare that to the calories they burned on the stationary bikes. For calorie burn, below is a handy chart from Nutristrategy:


Calories burned per hour of bike riding


                      Type of Riding

Body weight of 140 lbs

Body weight of 195 lbs

Calories burned per pound of   body weight

Bicycling, 10-11.9 mph, light effort




Bicycling, 12-13.9 mph, moderate effort




Bicycling, 14-15.9 mph, vigorous effort




Bicycling, 16-19 mph, very fast, racing




Bicycling, >20 mph, racing




Bicycling, Mountain or BMX




Bicycling, stationary, general




Bicycling, stationary, very light effort




Bicycling, stationary, light effort




Bicycling, stationary, moderate effort




Bicycling, stationary, vigorous effort




Bicycling, stationary, very vigorous effort





The people riding were probably in the 140-150 pound range for body weight. At only 30 minutes of a very light effort, they burned around 95 to 100 calories. Assuming they did nothing else for exercise and the coffee/bakery treat was a reward for exercise, they might be heading the wrong direction. At an extra 720 calories per day, and assuming they did this every day, in just five days they would pack on an extra pound of body weight (3600 calories per pound). It wouldn't take long for their exercise reward program to pack on several  pounds.


Are you over-rewarding yourself for exercise?

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For all the athletes training for Ironman St. George, I’ve had numerous reports that the both the bike and the run courses are hilly. Some believe it is the toughest course on the circuit. One person told me that Paula Newby Fraser said it was the toughest run course for sure. What can you do to ease the pain?


Those of you using the 13-week training plan (or any of my other ready-to-use plans) need to include hills in your long run and long ride workouts. Begin with gentle hills early in the program and then work your way to tougher hills as the plan progresses.

For the weeks where there is an interval workout assigned to work on lactate threshold tolerance for either the run or the bike, you can use a hill if you have one close to you. Because the rest interval is so short, you may be best served using a treadmill or an indoor trainer for the intervals. Use an incline of around 4 percent.


A few words of caution…begin with a hill workout once per week in each sport (running and cycling). If you are recovering from the workouts quickly and feeling like you can tolerate a higher load, alternate doing two hill workouts in cycling and one in running one week with doing two hill workouts in running and one in cycling the next week.


Depending on your strengths and weaknesses, take a hard look at the gears you are running on your bike. Select gears (or a compact crank) that will allow you to spin up the hills. Those of you insisting on running big gears like you are riding a flat course will suffer on the run because your legs will be trashed.


Start working on any equipment changes now.


Get your head wrapped around the expectations of a hilly bike and run course.


Know that everyone at the race does the same course, so those that are prepared will suffer less.

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