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Some of you might be thinking that a good frosted donut can solve many pain issues.


Others might be thinking about the pink, frosted kind of ankle donuts – like the ones offered by SockGuy…


Ankle donut.jpg



No, I was searching for a donut-shaped piece of foam to protect my prominent medial malleolus bone (the ankle bone that is just above the arch of your foot) during Nordic skiing.


I used to get medial malleolus pain after downhill skiing, but I hadn’t really noticed it during Nordic skiing until recently. Those of you that have had pain in this area know it makes proper skiing form impossible.


In an effort to protect the bone from pressure and friction from my boot, I went looking for ankle donuts. There is one company out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado (Ski Trends) that makes ankle donuts so I picked up a pair at the local ski shop.


It turns out that the donuts didn’t solve my particular problem.


After taking a break from skiing, I decided to try solving the problem with a combination of fixes I’ve learned through working with ultra-runners. The first thing I tried was to cover both medial malleolus bones with moleskin. That solution bought me a little more time skiing, but didn’t completely resolve the problem.


The second fix I tried was to put moleskin over both medial malleolus bones, then wear a knee-high nylon, followed by my ski sock. This solution offered padding for the bone and helped dissipate some of the friction. This solution did allow me to ski about twice as long without pain; but I still had noticeable ankle pain after skiing.


I’m still in search of a solution that completely solves the problem. When I find it, I’ll let you know.


In the mean time, I may have to test the theory that a good frosted donut can solve many pain issues...

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