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I'm really excited to be one of the presenters at the Triathlon America conference in sunny San Diego at the end of February. Triathlon America is a newly-formed organization dedicated to promoting the sport and business of triathlon.


My session is:


Marketing, Media & Alternate Revenue Streams for Successful Coaching Business
How do you grow a coaching business? How do you use multiple forms of  media to grow your business? What does it take to get a book published?  Is it necessary to have alternative revenue streams to supplement your  coaching business? What is your strategy? Bernhardt will share how to  develop a business strategy that helps your business grow and adapt to  change.


For coaches attending the session, I'd like to customize the the presentation for you. If you are registered, thinking about attending or even if you're not attending, but have some questions on media-related issues - please send them my way. Here are a few requests that I've received so far:


- What are typical fees charged by freelance fitness writers?

- What are an author's rights to a column?

- When should I write for "free exposure"?

- What if my "free exposure" column shows up on another website? Who is really benefitting?

- What are typical royalties for books?


If you have requests, please post them here or send them to me at

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