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“Do you know if you’ve been exposed to anyone that has strep throat?”


“As a matter of fact, as I was sitting in the waiting room for the blood lab – ready to have the lab do a routine fasting blood collection – and a woman in the waiting area mentioned that she was waiting for urgent care because she thought her son had strep throat.  The urgent care and blood lab area share a common waiting room. “


Why in the world would the lab health care provider put generally healthy people in the same waiting room with people waiting for urgent care?  Yes, a broken arm won’t affect the health of fellow waiting room patrons; however, urgent-care-type viral and bacterial issues are easily spread to otherwise healthy people.


I know that space is at a premium these days; but seriously folks, I think you need to rethink that strategy.


Yesterday I was mad at the lab, urgent care, the unidentified woman and her son.


As I type today, I’m thinking that the same waiting room strategy could be compared to a regular doctor’s office. You go into the doctor’s office feeling great and you’re just there for a well-check by the doc. You sit down in the same chair that someone like me occupied moments ago. I was there because of a sore throat that has gotten worse in the last 24 hours, morphing into sinus and ear issues.  


To those of you generally healthy people that followed in my tracks through the doctor’s office and touched items I touched, I apologize. I didn’t intend to share my germs with you. I certainly touched the door heading into and out of the office. I used pen in the common box to fill out the paperwork. I’m certain I touched the arms of the chair where I mashed fanny and I flipped through a few pages of a People magazine.


If you do get sick because of the germ trail I left, I’m sorry. Hope you’re not mad at me. If you are mad, I understand.


I started antibiotics yesterday and in 24 to 48 hours I’ll be non-contagious. In less time, I have a renewed vigilance for hand sanitation.


Though it’s currently tempting to do the face-mask-germ-filter a la Michael Jackson, I’ll take my chances with the airborne germs. 


Now when can I exercise again?

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