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Turns out that Friday’s post, specifically question number 1, was really tough to track down. I think few people would have gotten that one.


The first version of Workouts in a Binder was Workouts in a Box. (Old ad below.) The cards were all loose so you could take one card at time with you to the pool. There were pros and cons about that format and we ultimately decided to go with Workouts in a Binder.


I’m keeping two of the questions from Friday’s post and just changing the first question. If you’re new to the game, review the Friday post.


Here are the round 2.1 questions:


1.      Nick Hansen and his wife Debbie were the leaders in a huge fundraising effort. That effort was recently celebrated (within the last month) with the completion of the project. What was the project?

2.      I have an inscription on my dental work, what is inscribed?

3.      Someone with music industry ties is recognized at the front the book. What is the name of that person and what are their ties to the music industry?


Good luck!



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