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A couple of years ago I wrote about a guy going over 70mph on a skateboard. Yesterday Scott Ellis sent me a link to a video noting that Mischo Erban broke the world record by going 80.83 mph at an “undisclosed Colorado location”.


That location looks suspiciously like the location where we saw longboarders in my 2009 blog. Though I can’t be 100-percent certain, I suspect any roadie in Northern Colorado will tell you that descent looks remarkably like the decent from Rist Canyon into Stove Prairie. Addtionally, no roadie I know has reached speeds of 80 mph on that descent.


The Gravity Sports Association says, “The IGSA urges downhill skateboarders to always wear protective equipment (including leathers, helmets, gloves and pads) and to only practice the sport under controlled conditions on closed roads.”


I suggest adding that it would be wise to practice turning and stopping at very, very high speeds without a steering wheel or brakes. That is unless you consider body weight a steering wheel and wind resistance, plastic glove pucks and the bottom of your Vans shoes brakes…


Rocket Man? Indeed.


Full International Gravity Sports Association story and video found here.

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