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Rattlesnake! Cat! Big Cat!

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on May 7, 2011 6:18:46 PM

Finally, the weather has warmed up on the Colorado Front Range. Everyone, and everything, was out today.


Kent Winters, Bill Beyers and I headed out for a mountain bike ride on the popular Blue Sky Trail, just off the Coyote Ridge connector trail. Kent was the strongest rider of the day and was in the lead. Bill rode second and I brought up the tail.


Outbound, Kent didn’t see a snake sunning itself in the trail. Bill pointed it out as he went by and I was nearly on top of it by the time I saw it. It was scream worthy.


Kent was stopped in the trail about 25 yards ahead of Bill and I. We thought it was another snake, but no, Kent thought he saw a cat leap across the trail and into the bushes. Not a house cat, but a mountain lion. He't not 100 percent certain, but pretty sure.


We watched for awhile and never did see the cat.


Coming back, several people warned us of a rattlesnake in the trail. Kent rolled right past it and Bill saw the snake move or tumble toward the trail. (I’ve visualized the snake striking at Kent, but I have a vivid imagination.)




The snake was coiled and in the strike ready position. Though we tried to move it off the trail, it wouldn’t budge. Kent offered to take a closer photo with my phone. While Kent was moving closer toward the snake, I was backing up. I would have climbed on top of Bill’s shoulders if I thought I could pull it off. Let’s just say I like to give snakes plenty of room to navigate.




We ended up walking off trail in the weeds. (Probably where the snake’s friends were hanging out…my imagination tells me.)


We made it back to the trailhead with no snake bites. It’s a good time to refresh my snake savvy.


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