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I know I’m at least one tick off center compared to the normal population. I like it that way.


Most normal people think about New Year’s Resolutions around the end of December, after the holiday binge weeks of roughly November 20 through December 31. I’m thinking of New Year’s Resolutions now.


For me, the New Year begins after the Fall Fun Season ends. Fall Fun Season is when I enjoy all of my hard-earned race fitness by doing fun adventures with no training goals and few planned workouts. This is a nice way to celebrate the change of seasons. The days are getting shorter and snow will soon arrive in Colorado. When the snow and cold settle in, my habits change.


So now, late September and early October, I’m beginning to look forward into the next 12 months.

  • What are my winter goals for fitness fun? How many days of Nordic skiing? How manydays of downhill skiing? Yoga? Weights? Running?
  • What races do I want to do next summer? Same races as this year, or something new?
  • Nutrition goals for the winter? I’ve touched on this issue in recent blogs. Are there specific, measureable items I’m going to go after this winter that are different than past years?
  • Professional goals? Where do I want my business to go in the next year? Does this still fit with my long-term goals?

I’ve been pondering some of these things in the last couple of weeks. Nothing is written down yet, but I’m close.


Maybe you want to get a jump on January by beginning your resolutions and goal setting now?

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