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Today I was off the back of the group ride. Waaaaaay back. It’s interesting how not riding your bike can, and will, make you slow when you get back on the bike. This is particularly true for rides over an hour and when compared to other people that have been riding.


I was kind of thinking (secretly hoping?) that I’m not like all the rest of you humans – I’m special.


Ah, special indeed.


Turns out, I’m just like everyone else. Dang.



Two of today’s group, Peter Stackhouse and Bruce Runnels, are seen riding through “The Narrows” towards Estes Park, Colorado. 


It has been three weeks since I’ve been on the bike for over an hour. In that three weeks, I’ve been on a spin bike twice and no rides outside.


Sure I’ve been doing a bit of skiing, a little running, a dab of excuse making (reasons why I skipped an indoor ride). Sometimes a harsh visual, such as no other riders in sight, is enough to motivate me. Yes, this afternoon I feel more motivated. Will it last?


Time will tell.


One thing I can say for sure is that not riding the bike definitely makes me slow and I’m certain it does the same for you.


Will you ride this week?



Appropriately named a Colorado kickstand by Carl Ciacci

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