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This post is a place to share your personal findings on pulse oximetry data.


I'll gather up a bit more information to post in a week or so, but here is a start:


My home (~5000 ft. elevation) readings (about six days of data  readings) on oximetry ranges between 97-98% for me (96-97% for Del, my husband that does not have asthma and he is not an endurance critter). Arrival to  Frisco, Colorado I was 91-92% pre-asthma meds (Del@ 95%). Same day I was 95% post-asthma meds and post-skiing.


The next morning I was at 94% pre-asthma meds, 97% just 30-minutes post-asthma meds, 93% at 9:30 pm (about 12 hours after asthma meds). The third morning at Frisco, near 48 hours after being at altitude I was bouncing between 96-97% pre-asthma meds. The next two days at Frisco produced the similar results at 95-96%. Returning home, I was pretty consistently at 98% every morning for four mornings. Know that I've been at altitude about once every 21-28 days for the last year. I'm there an average of two days at a time. It would be interesting to see numbers for me about 1.5 years ago before the monthly altitude pops. June of 2009, I really felt the altitude with almost a year of non-exposure I was huffing and puffing going up two flights of stairs. Exercise intensity was quite compromised. 


For this schtick at altitude, Del remainded pretty consistent at 92-95% in Frisco, 95-96% at home. His reduction was less than mine. Asthma? Or just individual differences in tolerance?


Comments or data sharing are certainly welcome here ~

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