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Product Review - Braaap Energy Bars

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Oct 10, 2011 9:02:28 AM

I have a bunch of product reviews for you this week. I’ll start with Braaap Energy Bars.


Last Thursday I attended an after-hours event at Peloton Cycles. One of the Sunday group riders, Ross Livingston, was at the event raving (again) about Braaap Bars. He asked if I tried them yet and I hadn’t. A few minutes later he came back with a blueberry bar and said, “This one’s on me.”


About an hour later, store owner Robin Torres told me he can’t keep Braaap Energy Bars in stock. He gave me an original flavor and said he thinks they taste great. 


Braaap owners Shauna and Todd Sledge live and produce the bars in Fort Collins, Colorado. I met them at the event. Shauna told me the manufacturing facility has been rolling since this spring. Like many start-up food companies, the product came from the home kitchen. Shauna was making energy bars at home for Todd's motorcycle racing and her own endurance/fitness endeavors and the short story is they decided to go big.


Where does that name come from?


Here’s the post from their Facebook site:


Braaap- the sound of acceleration. Influenced by riders, racers and outdoor enthusiasts on the tracks and trails of Colorado, the revolutionary Braaap formula was created as a solution to energize with clean and natural foods. The Braaap Bar is a superior food that delivers energy-infused nutrients and protein to meet the demands of today's toughest athletes. Braaap Energy Bars- accelerate your bodyand mind!

All natural, glutenfree, soy free, no preservatives

I tried both original and blueberry and I liked both flavors. They are soft and easy to eat on a ride. Thumbs up, yum!


Right now, they are working on a website. Until the website goes live, you can find them on Facebook.

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