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Anti-Fat Club

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Dec 31, 2011

I saw a statistic today that 42 percent of people have a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. Some may not seek weight loss, just avoiding weight gain. Either way, maybe an Anti-Fat Club could help you and your buddies?


Awhile back, four of us decided we wanted to keep winter weight from creeping on to our fannies, so we formed the Anti-Fat Club. Some are already below goal weight and others want to lose a few pounds to get to winter goal weight.


If you and your buddies want to help each other keep fanny-fat from accumulating the next few months, you too can form your own Anti-Fat Club. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a goal weight that you want to maintain through the end of March. This goal weight is a winter weight and not a racing weight. That weight is some 3-6 pounds above your racing weight. Bigger people get more latitude.
  2. Weigh-in each week and report weight to the group. It doesn’t matter what day you weigh-in or if the day changes from week to week. (Trust me, trying to “play” the system will eventually catch up with you.)
  3. If you are above goal weight and you gain weight compared to last weeks weigh-in, you owe $1 (or whatever amount) to the kitty.
  4. If you are above goal weight and you lose weight compared to last weeks weigh-in, you owe nothing.
  5. If you are below your target weight, weight gain or loss doesn’t cost anything.
  6. The kitty is split evenly among club members at the end of March (or whenever you decide).



Checking in with the group encourages accountability. Seeing other people maintain or lose weight helps others get back on track.


Happy New Year and may all your dreams and resolutions come true – even the anti-ones.

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If your foot is falling asleep in your running shoes, maybe it’s the way you lace them. I spoke with an athlete this morning that was having trouble with the top of his foot falling asleep. He tried loosening his laces but still had the problem.


If you’re having this numbness problem, try straight-bar lacing, also called "Lydiard Lacing" named after the great running coach Arthur Lydiard. I used this method to alleviate top-of-the-foot numbness when I was running intervals on the track. Oddly, the numbness only occurred when I wore a particular brand of running shoe. After I changed lacing methods, the problem dissappeared.

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For those of you living in dry climates, or getting ready to visit a dry climate, you know your nasal passages get extremely dry. Colorado is a relatively dry climate and I’ve had a couple of doctors tell me that dry nasal passages can crack leaving an open invitation for viruses and bacteria.


Last winter, a friend that uses a breathing machine for sleep apnea told me about a saline nasal gel by the name of Ayr. If you use the nasal gel right before bed, you won’t wake up with a nose full of dry crusty stuff along with cracked and bleeding sinuses. Others tell me they use it during flights and it works wonders to help combat the damage of dry airline air.


I’ve used the gel and it works great. There are also sprays available too.


If keeping my sinuses happy helps prevent winter colds and flu, I’m on it.

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In the past couple of weeks, I’ve returned to working on balance during my strength training workouts and I have many of my athletes doing the same. Balance and body awareness are essential for efficient and confident road cycling, time trialing in the aerobars, mountain biking, running and skiing too.  Below are a few balance drills you can add to your weight routine:


  1. Sit on a Fitball like you are riding a horse. Lift your feet off the ground and balance on the ball. Work up to a minute or more of balancing on top of the ball. To make it more difficult, place your knees higher on the ball, like a Kentucky Derby race jockey. 
  2. Place your hands and knees on top of the ball and balance. Work up to a minute or more of balancing on top of the ball without touching the ground.
  3. Once you’ve completely mastered the first two, you can try kneeling on top of the ball with your arms outreached and parallel to the ground. Balance on top of the ball with only your knees and about half of your lower legs (no hands) touching the ball. To make it more difficult, raise your arms above your head.


Of course be careful when you try these maneuvers. Set yourself up in a location where you can’t crash into something and hurt yourself if you topple over.


More drills to come in another blog…

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San Diego, the birthplace for the sport of triathlon, will host an ITU World Triathlon race. This event is the final qualifier for the U.S. Olympic Team, so the home-soil athletes will be doing the race of a lifetime. International athletes will be racing for valuable Olympic qualifying points and, depending on the specific country’s Olympic qualifying system, this race may make the difference between a ticket to London in August – or staying at home.


It is guaranteed you can easily be within arm’s length, or less, of the pros that will be racing at the Olympic Games. Additionally, the venue will have age group racing as well.


With the fastest triathletes in the world racing this close to home – there’s no better time, or place, to travel for an event. Find information on the event website.

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On Saturday is the award-winning NBC coverage of the Ford Ironman World Championships. The trailer is inspiring…       

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