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Anti-Fat Club

Posted by Gale Bernhardt Dec 31, 2011

I saw a statistic today that 42 percent of people have a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. Some may not seek weight loss, just avoiding weight gain. Either way, maybe an Anti-Fat Club could help you and your buddies?


Awhile back, four of us decided we wanted to keep winter weight from creeping on to our fannies, so we formed the Anti-Fat Club. Some are already below goal weight and others want to lose a few pounds to get to winter goal weight.


If you and your buddies want to help each other keep fanny-fat from accumulating the next few months, you too can form your own Anti-Fat Club. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a goal weight that you want to maintain through the end of March. This goal weight is a winter weight and not a racing weight. That weight is some 3-6 pounds above your racing weight. Bigger people get more latitude.
  2. Weigh-in each week and report weight to the group. It doesn’t matter what day you weigh-in or if the day changes from week to week. (Trust me, trying to “play” the system will eventually catch up with you.)
  3. If you are above goal weight and you gain weight compared to last weeks weigh-in, you owe $1 (or whatever amount) to the kitty.
  4. If you are above goal weight and you lose weight compared to last weeks weigh-in, you owe nothing.
  5. If you are below your target weight, weight gain or loss doesn’t cost anything.
  6. The kitty is split evenly among club members at the end of March (or whenever you decide).



Checking in with the group encourages accountability. Seeing other people maintain or lose weight helps others get back on track.


Happy New Year and may all your dreams and resolutions come true – even the anti-ones.

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