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I have so much stuff to write about, I couldn’t decide where to start. So, I’ll start with the project that has come to life after many months of work – the second edition of the first Workouts in a Binder® product. Yahoo!


Thanks to reader feedback, here are the improvements we’ve made:

  • BIGGER PRINT and improved color schemes that are easier to read in the pool.
  • Just over 20 new workouts including 30-minute sessions for the time-pinched athlete and workouts specific to open water.
  • We’ve improved many of the old workouts by modifying sets and distances to more accurately accomplish what we wanted from that particular workout. 
  • We’ve added illustrations for drills.
  • There are now three swim training plans for triathlon, with specific card numbers (not just categories) in the plans.





To celebrate the release, we’ll send a book (anywhere in the world) to the first person to answer three trivia questions. We’ll have three sets of trivia questions so if you don’t get the first one, don’t despair. We’ll take the first correct set of answers logged here on this blog. (Don’t use Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc.)


Round 1 Trivia Questions:

1.      1. Nick Hansen was head swimming coach at which University?

2.      2. The first president of the International Triathlon Union, Les McDonald, was born in what city and what year? (Hint: found in a history column that I wrote.)

3.      3. Name the year of the first Olympic Triathlon and members representing the USA Team.


Good luck!

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