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Today I’m heading into a week of cycling. I love week-long bike tours for lots of reasons including stress relief, seeing scenery otherwise missed in a car, a fitness boost, time spent with great people, and the list goes on.


I’ve done Bicycle Tour of Colorado (BTC) and some other events over the years. This year it is BTC again. It seems that each year Mother Nature dishes out a weather challenge and this year is no exception.


Three weeks ago the Sunday group ride that leaves from my doorstep did a ride from Loveland Colorado to Rock Cut on Trail Ridge Road. I was out of town and missed the ride, but below is a shot of Scott Ellis as he stands next to one of the snow drifts. Scott is about 5’10” so you can see the drift is around 20 feet.


Ellis Trail Ridge Road_edited.jpg

BTC is scheduled to head over Trail Ridge Road on Monday and I’m not optimistic the ride will happen. The weather prediction this morning is 3 to 6 inches of snow on Monday for elevations above 9000 feet. A full 11 miles of the road is above treeline, with the highest elevation at 12,183 feet.


The road is exposed and dangerous in bad weather. It is normally some 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheight colder than the two closest cities of Estes Park and Grand Lake. I suspect the Parks Service will close the road and we’ll be shuttled to Granby by gas-power rather than leg power. Just last week a man was blown off of his bicycle on Trail Ridge Road and he required emergency help. I doubt they want to be rescuing some 1500 cyclists.


I’d rather miss a day of cycling than risk serious injury.


I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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