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I was in Frisco, Colorado over the weekend and heard that a recent avalanche has the bike trail covered between Frisco and Copper Mountain. I decided to go take a look.


The popular Ten Mile Canyon National Recreation Trail is 22.5 miles long and connects Frisco to Vail. This trail is heavily used by cyclists and bicycle tours, including Bicycle Tour of Colorado  (BTC).

Below is a shot of the avalanche near Officer’s Gulch. (I was told by a local that the avalanche occurred in late April or May.)




Below, notice the tiny spec of a road cyclist beginning to do a hike-a-bike from the right side of the photo to the left.



Ah, easier to see the cyclist with zoom, which gives you some idea of the magnitude of the slide.



The Summit Daily, in their Summit Up section (June 4, 2011 “Where Monday can wait), wrote over the weekend that some random benevolent dude is beginning to shovel a path for cyclists. That will be a lot of shoveling.

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