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Q. I noticed this morning that you have a roof-top bicycle rack on your Suburban that appears to be one added, not one that was on your car originally. We have had a Thule box for several years and have always used it on the Explorer, which came from the factory with a roof rack. I would like to use the Thule on my Highlander but it only has the side rails on the roof and not the cross bars, so we need to add those. Could you tell me what kind of rack you have and where you bought it? Being of similar statue, I have another question for you: how do you lift your bike onto the roof of your car? Thanks! Michele


A. Hey Michele - For the rack, the crossbars you see on my car are very old Yakima bars. The trays are Thule. The old Yakima trays wouldn't work with the new mountain bike forks, so we replaced the trays with Thule.


My height-impairment does make it tough to get a bike on the top of the Suburban, but I can do it. Most of the time I use a rack that’s in the rear of the Suburban made by a friend of mine, Ed Shaw (thanks Ed!). The design concept is similar to the one made by SlickFit behind this link.


Toyota might make their own interior rack, like the one made for Acura. I didn’t see one on quick check, but you might want to check with the dealer.


If you’re looking for more in-vehicle rack examples, here are more photos


There are also rear-hitch racks that are easy to use if you want to keep the interior space and you don’t want to try to manage holding a bike above your head while balancing on the runners of your Highlander. I like the tray-type rack, rather than hanging the bike by the frame, like this one made by Thule.


There are a lot of options out there, I’ve only covered a few. Hope this helps ~

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