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On August 6th and 7th, the ITU World Championship series heads to London. This is a critical event for many countries, including the U.S.A., because members of the 2012 Olympic team will be selected at this event.


For U.S.A. athletes, a good performance means automatic selection. The two highest placing U.S.A. athletes, one male and one female, will make the team provided they finish in 9th place or higher. Because this is a test event, or dry run, for the Olympic organizers you can count on a highly competitive field. All countries want to have a look at the Olympic venue and they will be sending their top athletes to the event.


Best wishes to all athletes for a great race – all you can do is your best on that day.


You can find more information at these links:


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If you like watching Olympic possibilities and probabilities, see the Olympic Qualification rankings and Olympic Simulation (number of slots achieved), see this link.

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