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Alberto Salazar’s high sweat rate of 3.7 liters (125 ounces) per hour is highly publicized.  Recently, I was asked if I knew of higher sweat rates. I decided to ask the expert.


I met Dr. Lawerence Armstrong, author of Performing in Extreme Environments, a few years ago and dropped him a note to ask if he knew of recorded sweat rates higher than Alberto Salazar's. He referred me to Michael F. Bergeron, Executive Director of the National Institute for Athletic Health &Performance and National Youth Sports Health &Safety Institute. Dr. Bergeron is also a professor at the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota.


Here is what Dr. Bergeron wrote:


Below are the two highest measured sweating losses/rates I have observed.

  • 30-year-old male recreational runner, 70 minutes of running at race pace on a treadmill in an environmental chamber (77°F, 60% relative humidity), sweat loss (over 70 min): 4.09 liters (138.3 fluid ounces)


  • ~28-year-old male professional tennis player, 60 minutes of moderate running on a treadmill in an environmental chamber (97°F), sweat loss (over 1 hour): 4.3 liters (145.4 fluid ounces)


At 24 ounces per large bicycle water bottle, the professional tennis player is losing some 6 bottles of fluid per hour. That’s alot of sweat!


Are you a heavy sweater or a light sweater?

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