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I received a request to do an interview with a writer from WebMD, Saylnn Boyles. The issue she was investigating was decreased genital sensation among women due to riding a bike. A research paper indicated that genital neuropathies and erectile dysfunction in males is commonly discussed and a well accepted concern for male cyclists; but what about the women? Do women have neurological injuries due to riding a bike and can those be solved by simply raising the handle bars?


Saylnn sent me the research paper, “The Bar Sinister: DoesHandlebar Level Damage the Pelvic Floor in Female Cyclists?”  The paper looked at 48 cyclists and compared their genital sensations with those of 22 runners.


Early in my conversation with Saylnn, she commented that her impression was that the topic of genital numbness was a common topic of conversation among female riders.


Before I let you know the full range of my comments on her assumption and the research paper, I want to hear from you. Is this an issue? Do you experience genital numbness after a bike ride?


Ladies, let me know if you experience this problem or not.


You’ll need to post your comments on my Facebook page, since comments are blocked here on Active due to spammers.

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