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If you're looking to land a cycling related job in Colorado - check out the Fort Collins Bikes Program Manager position

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ITU World Triathlon Event San Diego – wow, what a race.


The event looked to be a top-shelf production, as with all the other ITU World Triathlon Events. I feel proud that the U.S.A. could host an event of this caliber at the birthplace of triathlon.


It’s hard for me to know where to begin to comment about this event; but I'll start with a lesson for all triathletes wanting to swim faster.


I watched the event live on ITUTV for under $3 USD. If you're a racing geek and want to see how the fastest triatheltes in the world do it, you can pick up a load of tips by watching the the live event - or the taped long version. If you don't have that kind of time or maybe patience, let me help. We'll begin with a sighting lesson.


For any triathlete that wants to see how the pros sight during a fast - and I mean FAST - paced swim without losing a stroke, see the race coverage at this link. The link provides total race coverage or the taped long version. You can watch as much as you please, but if you’re pressed for time and want to see a great demonstration of how to sight while swimming fast, watch the time segment from 12:55 – to 13:10. In 15 seconds Helen Jenkins shows you how it’s done.


If you’re still lifting your mouth out of the water to breathe while you sight – you’re losing time.



Questions and discussion can be found on my Facebook page.


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