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I’ve been struggling to write anything related to endurance sports. This is because a wildfire is raging in the mountains just a few miles from my home. One life has been lost and around 100 structures.


It feels selfish to write about endurance sport while someone has just lost everything they own – and several nearly lost their lives. I know disasters happen frequently and I continue to write about all things endurance.


But this one is in my backyard.


In a day or so, I’ll get back in the saddle and tell you about some things I’ve learned recently that may help you too. I’ve learned more about mountain bike equipment adjustments and I’ll tell you about my first trip to a chiropractor – the experience and why I went.


In the mean time, send good vibes to all the fire fighters working so hard to contain the High Park Fire that has grown to over 43,000 acres in just three days.

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