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Want to be more creative? Disconnect.

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Jul 10, 2012 10:02:12 AM

Are you connected all the time? Does your smart phone constantly feed you with other people’s thoughts, opinions and ideas?


If you want to find your own creative thoughts, solve problems and see the world through your own eyes rather than through the eyes of others – disconnect yourself from email, Facebook, Twitter and all other social media for a minimum of two days. Take a trip – even a short weekend trip– and be present.


I’ll type that again – be present.


When you are present, living in the moment and experiencing what the world has to offer – rather than burying your face in your phone – you may find new ideas popping into your head at a rate you never expected.


You may find that your recovery from tough workouts is improved because you’re not constantly stimulated – and often stressed – by your phone.


Carry your phone in case of an emergency – but turn it off.


I’m willing to bet that, sadly, at least 50 percent of you are incapable of choosing to be present, living in the moment for a full 48 hours.


Try finding your own brilliance for just 48 hours. I can nearly guarantee you’ll be successful at solving problems and recovering from training at an accelerated rate. Maybe you'll dream up the next million dollar idea?

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