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I like your book Workouts in a Binder.  I am now entering offseason and will only be swimming twice a week.  The book is set up for three to four swims per week.  How do I use it with only two swims a week.  (i.e. still follow the suggested workouts in order?) not sure.





Hi A.C. ~


Thanks for dropping me a note about Workouts in a Binder. I'm assuming you're a triathlete using the training plan on page 17.


That written, most triathletes have decent endurance and could work on gaining some speed in the off-season. Consider keeping the Endurance workouts shown on Saturday as one of your two workouts. For the second swim - consider replacing the Tuesday Form or Speed workouts with cards from the Anaerobic Endurance set. When the AE card says "fast" - I'd like you to really go FAST! No holding back and don't worry if speed fades during the set. Over time, you'll gain more endurance at the faster speeds.


Have fun and let me know how it goes.





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