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The next couple of months are tough on athletic goals. The weather is changing and this weekend our daylight hours are shortened, forcing many of us back to the gym after work.




While you may not be ready for the gym, don’t wait until there is a waistline crisis to make a plan. Decide now how you will survive – no, thrive – during the next eight weeks. Your plan can be as simple as “I will workout four or five days each week” or it can be more detailed.


Give yourself some room for interruptions. For example, if you’re planning to strength train then make your goal to get to the gym two or three times per week. Plan to ride (inside or outside) two or three times per week.


By creating a goal range, you can still succeed in weeks when your personal and business life is very busy.You can also feel good about the weeks when you can achieve the top end of your goal range.


If you spend the next eight weeks backsliding, you will spend a minimum of the first eight weeks – maybe more like the first 12 weeks – of next year trying to get yourself back in shape. With awareness and planning you can be ahead of the game.



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