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I had an interesting discussion about squats and strength training awhile back. One person theorized that women are better at squats because they lower themselves to the toilet – or hover above a toilet – multiple times per day. A couple of the guys in the group mentioned they were not able to hover like their significant others were able to do. Seems that toilet squats are an important skill to possess - yes?



Life skills question – do you have the strength and endurance to lower yourself to the toilet without holding on to anything? Can you maintain control? (Not just release leg tension and plop onto the toilet seat, so to speak.) Can you do it multiple times, down and then back up – again no hands on the counter wall?


Can you lower yourself to just above the toilet and hover for 30 seconds? A minute? Two minutes? Again, no help from your upper body.


Who is better at body weight squats (can do more repetitions and greater hover time), men or women?




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