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Appendectomy recovery 10 days out

Posted by Gale Bernhardt on Dec 1, 2012 1:46:05 PM

On the road to recovery, there were a few things that surprised me (as in, I had no clue I’d feel this way) and some things I’m pleasantly surprised about.

I’ll give you lots more details on workout specifics after I see the doctor early next week for my follow-up appointment; but a few brief, pleasant surprises. First, I was on an indoor bike for 30 minutes three days after surgery. To date, after every aerobic workout I’ve felt better than before the workout - and it lasted. That is, I didn’t just get an endorphin high that left and also left worse off for recovery. In all cases so far, aerobic work seems to have sped up the recovery process. Within the last few days I’ve had a real run (not walk, jog, shuffle), an hour swim and a decent outdoor bike ride.

One of the things that surprised me is that I was afraid to drive the car for the first time. I had this odd fear that if I’d crash, the seat belt would dig into my surgery area and REALLY hurt. I was paranoid about having an auto accident. Never in my life have I had that fear.

I was also surprised to be afraid of riding my bike outside for the first time. When I tried to analyze why, it seemed I was afraid of falling – perhaps popping open wounds – and I had an odd fear that I would get so tired that I wouldn’t make it home. Turns out there was nothing to fear, I didn’t fall and I made it home fine.

Finally, because it’s not comfortable to have anything tight around my belly button area or even low and pushing up against the belly button (like low cut jeans will do when sitting) – I’ve found myself being attracted to those velvety workout-looking pants and hoodies. I can see how they make the perfect public attire for those not wanting to wear anything tight.

I have yet to purchase said soft-looking, stretchy outfit – but I was surprised at how I was suddenly attracted to them. Those that know me well say they day will not come when such a purchase will occur…


...don't count on that. When comfort is key, people will do unusual things.




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